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The baroque pearl

Mankind, and by extension artists, has always been torn between the quest for beauty and perfection, and an inclination for the bizarre and monstrous. The spherical pearl, being the most perfect object provided by nature, has been eagerly sought-aftersince the beginning of time.

However, for one perfect pearl, how many strange and ugly pearls, called “barroco” by the Portuguese; a word that left its name to the Baroque style.

Instead of throwing it back into the sea, the artist held the pearl in his hand, looked at it from different angles, and it suddenly recalled him the head of an animal, the body of a hunchback or a fish, such as the forms that can briefly be captured in a fleeting cloud.

But the pearl is not ephemeral and the goldsmith set it in gold, added an eye or a tail, and the pearl became alive.

This online exhibition staged in playful scenery these baroque pearls that are the core of rare jewels and precious objects in which beauty has given way to the strange, the humour, and the wonderful.


Virtual exhibition

From september 18, 2013 at noon precisely.

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