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In 2004, Nicolas and Alexis Kugel relocated Galerie J. Kugel to Hôtel Collot, 25 quai Anatole France, built in 1840 by the distinguished architect Louis Visconti for Jean-Pierre Collot, director of La Monnaie (the French Mint).

Galerie J. Kugel is unique in the extensity of its specialities and the eclecticism of the works of art it offers, which range in date from medieval and Renaissance up to the 1850s. This includes silver, furniture, sculpture, scientific instruments, paintings and Kunstkammer objects. Alexis and Nicolas Kugel help art lovers to build and enhance their collections.

Each object is rigorously selected for its rarity, authenticity and state of preservation as well as for the quality of its materials, its finesse of execution, its intrinsic beauty and its evocative power of a glorious past and the talent of the artists who realized it.

Galerie J. Kugel regularly organise events and exhibitions, making the gallery an essential port of call for collectors and museum curators from all over the world and contributing to the rise of Paris as a cultural capital. In 1996, Nicolas and Alexis Kugel instituted a series of very various and original exhibitions. These exhibitions, both scientific and commercial, have since demonstrated the rigor and dynamism of the gallery.

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