Hommage to Nicolas Landau

September 13—November 10, 2006

Galerie Kugel, Paris

In 2006, Axel Vervoordt and Galerie Kugel decided to join forces to celebrate an extraordinary man, who was ubiquitous in the art press and bore the affectionate title of “Prince des antiquaries”. Centred around the private collection of Nicolas Landau, the exhibition was a tribute to his taste and unique personality.

Self-defining as a “specialist of the unsellable”, Nicolas Landau influenced the aesthetic of his contemporaries like few other art dealers. He brought back to the forefront, at the time of the pre-war surrealist movement, objects like scientific instruments, vanities, objects of curiosity, trompe l’oeil and can be considered as the inventor of the modern Kunstkammer.

Galerie Kugel 25, quai Anatole France 75007 Paris, France